Monarch and Ensolite component foam used in gasketsGaskets can be defined as key components of industrial applications used to help seal joints, limit vibration, and prevent leaks. Armacell has the expertise to create components in sheets, rolls, and buns for foam converters and fabricators that supply heavy equipment gasketing and sealing products to OEM’s. Many of our customers need solutions that meet specific performance standards and industry specifications, understanding these requirements can help our customers select the best foam for the application.

Closed-Cell Foam

Closed-cell foams are often used for gasketing material. Since its cells are expanded but still intact, it has a high compression set resistance that when compressed for long periods it will not regain its total original thickness. Closed-cell foams have excellent resistance to water absorption.

Semi Closed-Cell Foam

Semi-closed cell foam, also known as crushed foam, is a hybrid of sorts that fits between open-cell and closed-cell foams. Crushed foams excel at sealing irregular surfaces, as it is highly flexible while retaining its sealing qualities.

The Best Type of Foam for Gaskets

Now that you are familiar with the types of foam typically used in gasketing applications, it is time to decide which is best for your sealing needs. Closed-cell foam will maintain a level of resistance when used as a gasket between materials. Both closed-cell and semi closed-cell foams can operate in similar temperatures and provide barriers to dust and debris. Closed-cell foams have an advantage with better resistance to water absorption so if an application needs strength and moisture resistance, then a closed-cell foam is better suited. If you are looking for a foam that can be used to seal irregular surfaces, then crushed foam will be a better solution. Ultimately, whatever foam is chosen will be defined by the requirements and needs of the application.

Armacell's EnsoLite®, Monarch® and OleTex®  products are used in a wide range of mechanical and industrial sealing and gasketing solutions. Below are several benefits of these solutions.

  • Heat resistance
  • Oil and fuel resistance
  • Flame resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Fungus resistance
  • Ozone/weather resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Low temperature resistance

Many of our closed-cell and semi closed-cell products are tested to physical properties and standards. EnsoLite® and Monarch® are UL-listed for gaskets and seals to UL50E, UL508 or UL48. Armacell cellular products are also UL listed in the following categories: JMLU2 and JMST2 UL50E, UL508 and UL48 associated with UL / NEMA rated electrical enclosures, UL listed for flame resistance to UL94 for both horizontal and vertical burn ratings (HBF, HF-1 V-0, 5VA and 5VB) under the UL QMFZ2 category.