Foam solutions for oil booms, flotation devices, aquatic safety, and recreation.

Manufacturers of flotation devices depend on Armacell for flotation foam solutions that meet tough industry standards.

Oil Booms

A containment boom, often called an oil boom, is an environmentally friendly, temporary floating barrier used in the water to separate the clean water from oil spills, trash, pollution, contaminated water, sediment or debris. The ideal float for a boom system is a closed cell foam that will not absorb water and will stay afloat for the life-cycle of the equipment. It should be slightly flexible, but durable, and dense enough to withstand impact from transporting the coiled system to and from a spill site or hold up to colliding with boats or other fixed moorings in the water. Armacell's OleCell® Boom containment foam inserts for boom applications is a hard-working material that can hold up to the dirty job of oil spill recovery.

Common Applications

  • Oil Boom
  • Debris Boom
  • Water Baffles
  • Silt or Sediment Curtains
  • Turbidity Curtains
  • Pollution Control
  • Erosion Control
  • Floatation Devices

For more information about OleCell Boom foam, please download data sheet here.

Floatation Devices

Another floatation foam solution is Armacell’s ArmaSport® elastomeric and polyolefin foam for personal flotation devices and pool floats. Makers of life vests for water safety can find materials that meet buoyancy requirements and are UL listed. Other leisure devices like pool floats and toys can be made from materials that are buoyant, but without UL listing. All materials can be vinyl-dipped for a durable, water-tight coating.

Life Jacket Personal Flotation

  • Many colors available

  • Good adhesion with vinyl: vinyl dipping and tipping

  • Embossing available

  • Made in the USA

Download our Flotation Product Flyer here.

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