Oil and GasAdvanced Insulation Systems for the Energy Industry

Armacell Energy division provides a range of industry-leading flexible thermal acoustic and mechanical insulation and covering systems for onshore and offshore industrial projects worldwide. 

Armacell Energy systems innovate in new technologies and focus on systems that deliver superior technical performance:

  • Designed to deliver

    We have developed a dedicated range of industrial materials meeting the demanding technical performance requirements of the oil and gas sector.

  • Lifetime performance

    Resistance to water and water vapor ingress, plus optimal system design
    delivers long-term predictable thermal and acoustic stability and enhanced process performance.

  • Two in one

    Our insulation materials can combine thermal and acoustic performance and can also be engineered with traditional insulation materials for specific demands.

  • Optimal thermal performance

    Fewer joints and seams and closer fitting to complex parts and
    protrusions than rigid materials making the actual heat loss/gain of ArmaFlex/ArmaGel considerably better than that of rigid materials.

  • Resistant to damage

    Flexible materials that do not crack, break or crumble are resistant to vibration and mechanical abuse.

  • Integrated vapor barrier

    ArmaFlex and the Arma-Chek covering systems are flexible and resilient to both water and water vapor ingress.

  • Training and technical support

    Our team of technical experts support operators, engineers and contractors in optimizing the value gained from using our insulation systems. We can offer a reliable technical service at every stage of your project.

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Engineered Systems

Headaches don’t come much bigger than CUI that can trigger catastrophic failure. Furthermore it’s estimated it accounts for 40% to 60% of pipe maintenance costs – estimated to be around $1 trillion annually.

We’re here to help: our lightweight, resilient and compact insulation solutions provide highly effective barriers to water and water vapor.

Through independent testing our insulation systems are proven to mitigate CUI. 

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