White GoodsElastomeric and polyolefin foam products for a wide range industrial manufacturing

Armacell’s Component Foam division has the expertise to create specialized foam products used in industrial manufacturing. We can produce elastomeric and polyolefin foam components in sheets, rolls or buns (blocks) for OEM customers and fabricators. 

Many of our customers make gaskets and seals for machinery,white goods and other motorized equipment with special performance standards. Ask about specialized products which meet industry requirements for foams that may get very hot, or could be exposed to chemicals, flame or weathering.

Electrical Enclosures -- UL Listed and NEMAElectrical Box

A variety of Armacell products, such as EnsoLite® and Monarch® elastomeric products are UL-listed to UL50E, UL50, UL508 or UL48.  Armacell UL listings include JMLU2 and JMST2 categories meeting gasketing material requirements for UL / NEMA electrical enclosures.

Flame Resistance

UL 94 listed products for both horizontal and vertical burns.  UL QMFZ2 listings include UL94 HBF, HF-1 V-0, 5VA and 5VB.

Heavy Equipment

Our elastomeric component foams have been used by Caterpillar and John Deere for heavy-equipment gasketing applications.

Armacell makes component foam material with resistance to:

  • Heat Heavy Equipment

  • Oil and fuel 

  • Flame (both vertical & horizontal burn)

  • Chemicals

  • Low temperatures

Industrial Insulation Solutions

Armacell has a wide range of insulation products suitable to the industrial environment. Often the same key conditions need to be met in an industrial setting as in any other construction job: energy efficiency, condensation control, protective covering and acoustic properties. Closed cell elastomeric foam meets those needs with over 60 years of product expertise to back it up. AP ArmaFlex®, NH ArmaFlex® and UT SolaFlex are three options that can serve industrial locations including chemical processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing. For tough industrial sites Armacell has additional options provided by the Engineered Systems division. Shell Sphere

Our technical team has extensive knowledge in the field and continuously improves our testing standards to meet the changing needs of industrial manufacturers and their suppliers.

Check our Product Selector Tool to find products that meet your requirements. Custom products are an option, so please contact us with specific questions regarding your product or application.

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