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AP Armaflex TubeThermal insulation solutions for the construction industry

Armacell and its flagship brand of AP ArmaFlex® mechanical insulation are known for delivering top-quality thermal protection to the building trades. Both names inspire trust and are backed by decades of expertise and innovation in thermal insulation for mechanical HVAC and plumbing systems.

Armacell advanced closed-cell foam insulation systems offer long-lasting thermal solutions for the mechanical systems of buildings, including HVAC, plumbing, chilled-water, refrigeration and solar hot-water equipment.

  • Fiber-free duct insulation, duct liner and duct wrapArmaflex Duct Liner

  • Plumbing pipe insulation and refrigeration line insulation

  • Protection of interior or exterior AC coil lines

  • Mechanical insulation for heating and cooling equipment

  • Exterior insulation for duct and other mechanical equipment

  • Solar hot-water insulation with built-in UV retarder

All Armacell insulation systems deliver the following performance benefits:

  • Increases energy efficiency — helps meet ASHRAE 90.1 - 2010, ASHRAE Standard 189.1, IECC 2012 and California Title 24.

  • ConstructionCondensation Control- the closed-cell foam structure of elastomeric foam won’t wick or absorb moisture. Because the surface doesn’t need added protection, no separate moisture vapor barrier is required.

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality — always fiber-free, formaldehyde-free, GREENGUARD® Gold Certified as a low-emitting material, built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection and free of PDBE flame retardants.

  • Enhanced Acoustic Environment — Armacell fiber-free duct liners attenuate low-frequency airborne noise to reduce background noise from HVAC systems; an alternative to expensive silencers.

  • Favorable Life Cycle Costs — designed to perform for the life of mechanical equipment with low maintenance requirements.

Armacell’s elastomeric foam-insulation products have long been proven to reduce energy waste, safeguard IAQ, attenuate HVAC/piping noise and lower maintenance costs. It’s no wonder that Armacell is the global market leader in advanced, environmentally-friendly, low-maintenance mechanical insulation solutions.

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