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Insulating Refrigeration Systems

May 23, 2023

AP/ArmaFlex is the best insulation for chilled systems.

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NIA “Gazing into the Crystal Ball: Industry Trends for 2023 and Beyond”

May 03, 2023

See what industry experts are predicting for the future.

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Armacell Offers E-Learning

April 12, 2023

Do you need continuing education or technical training? We are here for you!

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Pool Noodle Bunny DIY

April 07, 2023

Super cute and easy pool noodle craft for this spring!

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The New Insulation Calculator You Need

April 04, 2023

Introducing ArmaWin™ - Beyond Better Technical Calculator.

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Energy Efficiency and Condensation Control on Marine Applications

March 30, 2023

Smooth sailing with our Insulation solutions.

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Armacell Products with EPDs

March 22, 2023

Thomas MacKinnon, Demand Generation Manager at Armacell, is a guest author for Insulation Outlook.

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New EPDM-based ArmaFlex® UT is Ideal for VRF Systems

March 08, 2023

ArmaFlex UT is Armacell’s newest EPDM-based #insulation solution especially designed for VRF systems and applications up to 300°F.

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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Case Study

March 01, 2023

Stadium systems require energy efficiency for the big win.

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University Bathrooms Use ArmaFlex

January 04, 2023

Armacell’s insulation provides superior energy efficiency, condensation control and indoor air quality preservation for modular Durapod units in our latest case study.

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