Athletic Mats

Armacell is the leading manufacturer of shock-absorption foams for the athletic-mat industry. Our high-quality, lightweight foam cores are designed for safety, longevity and performance.

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Golf Mats

Armacell knows practice makes perfect, that’s why we manufacture a range of shock pads engineered to provide just the right feedback from users of practice golf mats.


GymTurf Indoor Sports Field

With Dollamur GymTurf® you will never have your practice interrupted because of weather or scheduling again. Easily and quickly turn any building into an indoor practice field.


Personal Protective Equipment

Armacell takes sports and athletic protection to a new level by supplying customized foam-padding materials to helmet, headgear and body padding manufacturers.

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Turf Underlayment

ArmaSport® Turf Underlayment cushions indoor and outdoor playing surfaces, providing consistent shock absorption across the field and goal to goal.

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Wrestling Mats

Armacell is a leading provider of engineered foam cores for the manufacture of wrestling mats. The foam cores Armacell provides to leading wrestling-mat manufacturers are preferred by high school and college wrestlers, coaches and referees for their durability, comfort and sure footing.

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