Innovative Solutions that Safely Navigate the Aerospace Industry

The global aerospace and defense industry requires superior products that solve the growing need for improved safety, noise reduction, vibration dampening, sealing and comfort advancement. Armacell’s wide range of engineered foams helps create specialized foam products that provide solutions to the challenges of flying. Armacell produces elastomeric foam components in sheets, rolls or buns (blocks) for manufacturers that can be cut or shaped to fulfill a variety of needs, including forming or bonding with other materials to create high-performance composites for specific applications.

Our technical team is well-versed in the requirements and application of foams within the aerospace industry. Armacell continuously works to improve testing standards so that we can always meet the changing needs of the aerospace industry and its suppliers.

  • Armacell makes products meeting flame-resistance requirements according to CFR Title 14, Chapter 1, part 25, sec.25.853 – Appendix F(d) (3) (ii) (aka FAR 25.853 Vertical 12 second burn test).

  • Many Ensolite® products are listed as approved products for, or meet requirements of, Bombardier, Boeing, Northrop Grumman specifications.

Check our Product Selector Tool to find products that meet your requirements. Custom foams are an option, so please contact us with specific questions regarding your special requirements.

For more information, download an aerospace project reference article here.

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