Building Info Module

Building Info Module

Designers and engineers who use Autodesk® Revit® 2012 Architecture building design software can add mechanical insulation to their designs with this Module.

Armacell's most popular insulating products are incorporated into the BIM Module:

  • AP/ArmaFlex closed cell elastomeric foam insulation for piping components and ducts

  • AP/CoilFlex highly conformable, pliable elastomeric thermal ductliner

  • NH/ArmaFlex halogen free, flexible elastomeric insulation material for stainless steel applications.

  • ArmaFlex UT (formerly UT SolaFlex) EPDM thermal insulation for high temperature and UV-resistant applications

Use Chrome, Firefox or IE Browsers to download and save the Revit file. You must have Revit software to open. (Not currently compatible with Safari.)

Download ArmaFlex BIM Module RVT File

Download ArmaTuff BIM Module RVT File

Download Tubolit BIM Module RVT File

Download Armacell BIM Module Instructions

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