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Armacell is Everywhere: Aerospace

September 16, 2020

Everywhere you are – at work or play, home or leisure – Armacell is there with you. Armacell products improve the quality of life for people everywhere, including in the air!

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Armacell is Everywhere – Even in the Air!

August 19, 2020

The aerospace and defense industry requires superior products that help solve the acoustical and sealing challenges of flying.

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Sealing Gaskets for the HVAC Industry

August 05, 2020

Armacell and Worldwide Foam helped a large HVAC OEM needing gaskets by supplying our Monarch product solution.

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ArmaSport: Challenging the Competition

July 22, 2020

Beat the heat and your opponents this summer playing football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse or field hockey on Armacell’s ArmaSport turf underlayment padding solutions.

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Flotation Foams for Summer Fun

May 20, 2020

The recreation and marine industries can rest easy when manufacturing life vests, flotation devices and water toys with Armacell’s foam solutions.

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OleCell Boom to the Rescue!

May 06, 2020

When an oil spill disaster happens, emergency crews need to act fast to contain the mess. Using an environmentally-friendly oil boom system is one way they can reduce the effects to precious marine life and coastlines. OleCell® Boom is the foam that can do the job.

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Play it Safe During National Playground Safety Week

April 27, 2020

Focusing on outdoor environments where children play is an important part of spring during National Playground Safety Week. Armacell is proud to support safety and protection with our component foam solutions.

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CGR Products is Helping to Fight COVID-19

April 21, 2020

Armacell’s essential fabricator customers are fighting the coronavirus pandemic with foam. Read more about CGR Products’ recent effort to make critical medical equipment.

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When Choosing a New Golf Mat, Consider the Bonded Pad Material that will Help Simulate Grass and Assist in Repeatable Golf Shots

April 01, 2020

Many golf mats in today’s market simulate the appearance of natural grass; one material in higher end mats can dramatically improve simulating the feel of the fairway.

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Open Ceilings vs Closed Plenums: An Energy Life Cycle Analysis

February 18, 2020

Are open ceiling or suspended ceiling environments more energy efficient? Let’s review with CISCA the cost, payback and life cycle of both building options in office and retail environments.

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