Pipe Supports


Pipe Support Systems: Critical for Plumbing and HVAC/R Applications

When installing and maintaining pipe systems, the right combination of insulation, vapor barrier and support system minimizes energy loss, maintains the pipe’s structural integrity, and keeps the pipe system in place. However, get even one component wrong, and you risk substandard system operation and/or expensive repairs. Potential issues with pipe suspension or mounting systems include shifting/falling saddles, condensation and mold growth, freezing and thawing, refrigerant leaks, insulation tear-off, and inefficient labor and material use. With normal pipe movement and expansion, saddles can slip out of place, exposing the insulation to pressure and compression.

Insuguard is the answer to many pipe support concerns

Avoid these issues with Armacell’s Insuguard® family of saddles and shields, which eliminate the need for tools, simply clicking in place to connect to any type of suspension or mounting system, regardless of size.

Installers: Use our convenient calculator here to determine the right size and quantity to order.

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