Pool noodles are a fun swimming accessory to use in the water especially during the hot summer months. But now that summer is coming to an end, many people wonder what to do with their leftover pool noodles. Our foam pool noodles are not just for floating… they are truly versatile! DIY’ers around the world use pool noodles in many creative ways to get the most life out of their pool noodle. Simple ideas like using noodles for stretching exercises or ergonomic resting, using them as a door stopper, or even using them to avoid door dings on garage walls are easy, no fuss ways to repurpose a pool noodle.

Those who enjoy crafting can have fun by using left over pool noodles to create festive wreaths or holiday décor. If you have kids or pets, you can use pool noodles to create lawn games, rockets, marble runs, water slides, or dog agility tunnels. 

Another idea is to keep those noodles outside and use them in a variety of ways in your garden and yard. Pool noodles make excellent trellis or cage supports for plants. They also can be used in ponds or fishing lakes for time released feeding or filtering. You can try any of these ideas and much more by reusing an Armacell Noodle. Our wide array of foam products are versatile and we have a wide variety of high impact colors and exciting shapes. 

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