As a leading provider of technical insulation, we make our mark in the industry by designing solutions that help customers pursue their own sustainability ambitions, be it by saving energy, achieving acoustic comfort, enhancing fire safety, or reducing CO2 emissions. Sustainable development requires an integrated approach that takes into consideration environmental concerns and climate mitigation, social development, along with economic prosperity. Embracing more sustainable models opens up opportunities for Armacell to look for alternative materials, green solutions, or bio-based products to serve our customers globally. As part of our vision to make a difference around the world, we strive to focus our innovation on megatrends such as urbanization, lightweighting, and energy efficiency. We also pursue more sustainable practices in our manufacturing processes and over the past year, we have optimized our value chains to further enhance decarbonization, increased recycling initiatives internally, and taken steps to boost the consumption of renewable energy.

Our Solutions that Promote Sustainability 

Insulation materials are among the few industrially manufactured products that actually save more energy in the course of their lives than is required for their manufacture. Our thermal insulation can influence a building’s energy use favorably through thermal efficiency in HVAC, plumbing, and refrigeration applications. They can also contribute towards installed-cost savings and preventing maintenance issues in the future. 

Our products have long contributed to better indoor air quality and are recognized as contributing to many green building standards, including the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®). Armacell’s current Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) established that 140 times more energy is saved through the use of AP/ArmaFlex products than is needed for their production, transport, and disposal. During its use AP/ArmaFlex prevents the emission of 150 times more greenhouse gases than are released during its production – with a service life of 20 years (cold applications) and 30 years (heating applications), based on conservative assumptions. Many of our products are GREENGUARD Gold certified, UL’s most stringent emissions certification. 

Armacell is dedicated to not only creating products that save energy, but to also integrating sustainability in all aspects of the product life cycle and in our work environments. In 2022, we continued to invest in green technology solutions like the fast-growing European district heating market that uses pre-insulated pipes. In our interaction with customers, we spent the last twelve months identifying and formulating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) questions and sustainability topics that would allow us to collect data and truly understand customers' expectations. We also conducted a comprehensive assessment of our direct and indirect emissions to reinforce Armacell's carbon strategy and help define a clear path towards reducing our carbon emissions in years to come. Along with conducting a full Scope 3 carbon footprint assessment, our engagement with suppliers on ESG topics has strengthened significantly.

Above all, as a global organization, Armacell places the highest value on global citizenship and the social dimension of sustainability in supporting corporate social responsibility efforts around the world.

Download our 2022 Sustainability Report here.