Noise travels through buildings quickly as sound vibrations get passed from one structural member (drywall, stud, floor, etc.) to the next. For decades builders have employed any number of methods to “decouple” or isolate noise, most notably by installing double sheets of drywall, resilient channel, and sound isolation clips. These options are costly, tedious, and can be hazardous to install, so engineers are often tasked with finding sustainable and safe sound isolation clip alternatives. Luckily, we have a solution. ArmaComfort® MTD is a custom formulated elastomeric foam tape used to reduce the amount of structure-borne sound. When ArmaComfort MTD Tape is applied directly to steel studs it dramatically reduces pass through noise and provides excellent sound transmission isolation at mid-level to high frequencies without thermal bridging. ArmaComfort MTD meets ASTM E84 Class B and is UL classified/certified* for use in rated assemblies. Plus, it delivers a significant 7-point improvement in the Sound Transmission Class rating that the majority of alternative construction methods cannot match. 

A Safer Alternative

Our patent-pending foam tape is not only an easy-to-install alternative to resilient channels, isolation clips or installing extra layers of drywall, it also is seen by the market as a less hazardous material to install. “Safety is a significant concern on every job site. Our ArmaComfort MTD Tape contributes to hazard reduction as it is a foam product, and not a piece of metal with rough edges, which can easily injure unprotected hands,” says Sarah Haenel, Sales and Marketing Manager at Armacell. This added benefit of reducing the risk of job site accidents shows how our solutions not only improve acoustic design, but also can positively impact safety measures. A win-win for architects, engineers, and construction site managers alike

* This product has been classified by UL as to ANSI/UL 263 for Wall and Partition Facings and Accessories (CLB.R38810) in the US

* This product has been certified by UL as to ANSI/UL 263 for Wall and Partition Facings and Accessories (CLBV.R38810) in Canada