NIA is a not-for-profit trade association representing both merit and union contractors, distributors, laminators, fabricators, and manufacturers that provide thermal insulation, insulation accessories, and components to the commercial, mechanical, and industrial markets throughout the nation. As a premier industry manufacturer and NIA Associate Member, we take our responsibility as thought leaders and industry advocates seriously. We have been a member of NIA since 1956 and have several colleagues serving as Board Chairs, Committee Members, and Task Force Members. 

Being a part of an organization that focuses and drives change within the industry gives Armacell employees the opportunity to share their best practices and passion for the importance of insulation. Sandy Shattles, Director of Marketing at Armacell, explains, “Armacell wants to be at the table helping set the pace in the industry because mechanical insulation is at the forefront of building materials regulations. We want to make sure that we are part of that important process.”

By sharing best practices and networking with companies that have the same unique interests that we do, Armacell and NIA help build inclusion, boost industry engagement and drive change. In working with long standing industry partners like us, NIA has built a solid technical foundation with professional and personal relationships that helps safety advancement. We are a Safety Champion and have won numerous Safety Awards from NIA for our commitment and safety record. We also were a winner of the 2023 Premier Industry Manufacturer Award celebrated during NIA’s 67th Annual Convention in Maui, Hawaii. This award from NIA recognized Armacell for actions which demonstrated leadership, commitment, and support to the mechanical insulation industry. 

Several benefits and experiences for our colleagues have resulted from being a NIA member:

  • Technical Insulation Committee membership (TIC)
  • Associates Committee membership
  • Board of Directors and Planning Committee membership
  • Participation in mechanical insulation legislative discussions at Capitol Hill Fly-In events.
  • Certified Inspectors for NIA’s Energy Appraisal program and Thermal Insulation Inspection program to support customer needs.
  • Commitment to continuing education and leadership through the Young Professional Advisory committee and Mentor/Mentee programs.
  • Author of articles for NIA’s Insulation Outlook publication. 
  • Participation in industry expos.
  • Contribution to leading industry surveys. 

We continue to foster our partnership with NIA and promote the benefits of membership among the industry.