Armacell just made choosing the right product for the right project much easier. The new Armacell Solutions Portfolio groups the vast Armacell insulation product range into comprehensive packages aimed at making the specification of the right insulation for all the mechanical systems in a project simpler than ever before for the North American market.

Now mechanical engineers, insulation contractors or distributors can easily identify the best insulation products for use in an air plenum, on HVAC/R mechanical piping, on chilled water and hydronic heating systems or on plumbing – the key places where insulation is critical to the performance of the equipment. Packages are categorized by Standard, High and Superior Performance, offering three levels of cost and service. The Solutions are also organized by the top project types seen in the construction industry: Data Centers, Education, Healthcare, Hotels, Multi-Family and Office/Mixed-Use. Because each destination faces its own design challenges, Armacell is providing a time-saving way to determine the right approach for each particular job.

Think of the new Solutions Portfolio as the one-stop shop for insulation specification. Whether you are the mechanical engineer, the insulation contractor or an insulation distributor, you can pick your job type, the equipment and level of performance and the products are chosen for you. We’ve backed up the packages with easy to access digital tools on You can download the specifications, data sheets and ebook that exactly match your project.

Also new is the inclusion of expanded limited warranties for the three package levels. A 5-, 10- or 15-year limited warranty is offered for the first time giving specifiers, contractors and distributors peace of mind that the product is backed by Armacell’s 60 years of industry expertise. When the right products are specified and properly installed, Armacell’s insulation can last the life of the system. These warranties can make you feel confident about that.

Armacell has full-time specification teams dedicated to educating specifiers and contractors on the new solutions-based approach to choosing products. Lunch & Learns are already scheduled to help introduce the packages to specifiers and end-users. Contact us if you’d like a Solutions Portfolio presentation. More information about the Solutions Portfolio can be found online at