The University of Maryland’s field hockey program has become known for a tradition of excellence achieving records of seven NCAA championships and 13 conference season championships - solidifying the Terrapins' position among the top teams in the nation. Maryland has played its home games at the Field Hockey & Lacrosse Complex since its grand opening in 2003. The facility, which the field hockey team shares with the school's women's lacrosse program, has a seating capacity of 2,000 and meets the highest field standards of the Federation of International Hockey. The playing area of the field hockey pitch which is approximately 300 feet in length by 180 feet wide, was ready for a new hockey system that included new turf and an underlayment padding.

When it came time for the University of Maryland to select their new turf, Head Field Hockey Coach, Missy Meharg, knew what she wanted . As the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from Maryland State Athletic Hall of Fame, Meharg knows a thing or two about NCAA field hockey and what makes a winning field. Due to international successes of AstroTurf field hockey systems Meharg decided to choose between one of the top two AstroTurf hockey products - AstroTurf 12 or Poligras. The AstroTurf 12 hockey system, formerly known as System 90, consists of knitted nylon which is fully adhered to an Armacell ArmaSport underlayment shock pad, which the University of Maryland has had great past success on. Meharg was passionate about staying with her tried and true system which they have enjoyed playing on for over 20 successful years. Field Hockey is a game that relies on ball speed, ball roll, and ball bounce. The AstroTurf 12 knitted nylon system over the Armacell ArmaSport underlayment provides the perfect play for field hockey players at the global level. This reinstallation of the turf system at the Field Hockey & Lacrosse Complex met global FIH playability standards and was on time making this project a total success.

We could not be more pleased with the trust that the University of Maryland has placed in us,” said AstroTurf Director of Field Hockey, Melissa Vassalotti Twist. “We take great pride in what we do, and having an elite coach like Missy Meharg return as a satisfied customer helps us know that we are doing the right things.

ArmaSport Scoring Above the Rest

For safety and performance, a synthetic field’s success starts under the turf. ArmaSport turf underlayment shock pad stabilizes and cushions the playing surface providing consistent shock attenuation across the field. Pile height is an important factor in the game of field hockey. The AstroTurf 12 has a 12 millimeter pile height with a 3/8 inch ArmaSport turf underlayment which makes it an ideal choice for this type of playing field. Pile height must be low on the field surface to avoid any interference with the ball. Minimizing playing issues like ball bounce and uneven rolling requires a firm consistency made to tight tolerances. This system also provides the polarity that is required by customers like the University of Maryland, because it gives the athletes the ability to play their game without surface interference.

ArmaSport underlayment shock pads are closed cell foam manufactured in several thicknesses to meet the strictest specifications. Supplied in rolls, the long lengths and turf-carpet widths are all designed to make installation fast and easy. Our optional drainage system ensures efficient water removal during and after inclement weather to ensure greater field performance, durability and longevity. ArmaSport TU2 has also been tested to FIFA 2 Star and ASTM F355 test methods. For more than 35 years, our closed cell foam has been the ideal turf underlayment pad for consistent playing conditions and greater field longevity.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Low phthalate products that meet the phthalate threshold requirements (<0.1%) of the CPSIA / CPSC Improvement Act of 2008 public law 110-114
  • Formaldehyde free and meets the global REACH and RoHS requirements covering prohibited and reportable substances
  • Manufactured with an antimicrobial to protect against fungi, mold and bacteria

Innovative Drainage Options

  • Perforation Holes
  • Ridge and Valley Pattern

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