School is out which means the heat of summer will soon be upon us. With the season warming up comes the need for people to cool off. Pools and lounge chairs will be occupied around the country as families, friends, and recreation groups enjoy the warm weather, get some exercise, and take a dip into the refreshing water. While enjoying swimming and playing in a pool, lake or ocean is nice, most people also have a desire to float on the water. Most of us can of course simply turn over on our backs, however that isn't nearly as relaxing as drifting lazily around on a flotation device. Pool floats are a great option for soaking up some sun and unwinding while in the water. Armacell’s wide range of flotation foams can be put to good use for both safety and aquatic fun. Our closed-cell engineered foam materials are well suited for personal flotation devices (PFD) such as life vests, as well as pool floats and water accessories. PFD’s are subject to the recreation industry’s strict guidelines and buoyancy requirements. Armacell’s durable PVC/NBR ArmaSport® formulations help meet these requirements. Manufacturers of flotation devices can depend on Armacell for flotation foams that can meet tough industry standards. Our materials can be vinyl-dipped for a durable, water-tight coating and come in a variety of available colors. Our products also have good adhesive qualities with vinyl and are made in the USA.

ArmaSport Key Characteristics

  • Moisture resistant, closed-cell structure
  • Low phthalate, CPSIA Compliant foams are available
  • UL 1191 Buoyancy and Marine Lifesaving Equipment Listed
  • Low density / high buoyancy
  • Wide width capabilities

Other leisure devices like pool floats, lake floats, and toys can be made from materials that are buoyant, like our polyolefin OleTex® foam solutions or our polyethylene Tundra foam pool noodles. OleTex is a highly versatile, chemically cross-linked, water-resistant, closed-cell foam that can be used in thermoforming applications. The Tundra pool noodle is a fun way for swimmers of all ages to play water games or just relax and enjoy a little extra buoyancy in the water. Available in a wide variety of high impact colors and exciting shapes, these durable toys are ideal for usage in pools, lakes and anytime you are in water.