ArmaFix EcoLight is the Perfect Solution for Problems Caused by Crushed Insulation

Without the proper support, insulation can be crushed by the weight of pipes at pipe hanger locations. This leads to a number of problems for an insulation system, including energy inefficiency and condensation. An uninsulated pipe support results in a thermal bridge which also means a loss of energy and condensation. For these reasons, engineered, insulated pipe supports are crucial for an insulation system to function properly.  

The best engineered pipe support for the job is ArmaFix® EcoLight. It contains an eco-friendly, rigid PET foam core sandwiched between layers of ArmaFlex®.  The PET core provides insulation to save energy and eliminate condensation and the compressive strength to support the pipe; while, ArmaFlex integrates seamlessly with the rest of the insulation to eliminate gaps in the system. This seamless, foam to foam transition stops thermal bridging at the connection point to the support where condensation often occurs when using other insulated pipe supports. 

In creating EcoLight, Armacell has reengineered ArmaFix to become more effective and more eco-friendly. EcoLight has a recycled PET core, meaning it is made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials, making use of hundreds of thousands of used water bottles. If you ever need to discard old EcoLight supports the PET core is also recyclable again! The solid core now also supports piping at all points. No worries about small plastic blocks or wooden dowels supporting the weight of your pipes.

EcoLight has also been expanded to fit a wide range of pipe sizes, including most popular Armacell insulation sizes. All dimensions match Armacell nominal wall thickness insulation. The expanded size range for this lightweight pipe support innovation encompasses a large variety of piping needs, including copper pipes ranging from 3/16” to 4,” and NPS pipes from 1 ½” to 10.” 

ArmaFix EcoLight is lightweight, durable and easy to install. Simply clamp the product around the pipe at the point of support. Then, just close the support and secure it with the integrated pressure sensitive tape. Finish the job by gluing ArmaFix to the surrounding insulation with ArmaFlex 520 adhesive, thereby locking in the continuous, foam-to-foam bond.

ArmaFix® EcoLight is now available through any of our mechanical insulation distributor partners. 

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