Mile after mile, Armacell’s ArmaComp™ component foam solutions help drive the automotive industry. Armacell makes a wide range of high-performance foam materials that are used as gaskets to reduce unwanted noise and seal out air, dust or moisture. Our foams are currently used as gaskets in headlights, taillights, dashboards, and EV battery enclosures. Our component foams are also used for vibration damping and as stuffers in doors for noise reduction.

The automotive supply chain is complex. It includes foam converters, foam fabricators, and tier 1 automotive component suppliers. Armacell manufactures component foams that meet many ASTM, UL, and automotive OEM standards. Armacell materials are on the approved source list at many OEM’s (Example: GM, Stellantis [FCA/Chrysler] & MAHLE). Since we are on approved source lists and our foam products meet these strict automotive industry standards and regulations, our customers rely on the consistent quality of Armacell EnsoLite® products. EnsoLite products are routinely converted from full thickness master rolls to final application thickness sheets and rolls. Adhesive (PSA) can then be applied if needed. EnsoLite products are then typically die cut to final application shape. Our elastomeric EnsoLite product line offers a broad range of semi-closed and closed-cell foam products based on PVC/NBR, PVC/NBR/CR, EPDM and CR (Neoprene) polymer blends.

As part of the ArmaComp family of products, the EnsoLite product line includes numerous expanded rubber products that are extensively used in automotive applications. Over 60 years of foam expertise enables Armacell to custom-engineer cellular products to meet our customer’s requirements. The EnsoLite family of products meet multiple automotive industry specifications and are routinely tested to a number of physical properties such as flammability, chemical, oil and fuel resistance, ozone resistance, tensile, tear and elongation properties. EnsoLite also is available in a wide variety of density and compression deflection ranges and the continuous-roll stock option provides efficiencies in converting. EnsoLite is a great choice for gaskets and seals in automotive applications and the material will hold up to the abuse auto parts take over time.

Key Physical Properties for automotive applications:

  • Soft and flexible
  • Flame resistance
  • Oil, fuel and chemical resistance
  • Ozone and weather resistance