Insulation Innovation for Information Management  

Data centers account for 1% of global energy use and 2% of greenhouse gas emissions. This fact has hardly changed since the early 2000s, even though the number of internet users has doubled, and global internet traffic has increased 15-fold according to the International Energy Agency. Every year, data centers are becoming more versatile and more powerful which creates a demand for more processing power, improved cooling strategies, and better energy efficiency. Armacell’s technical insulation solutions provide relief to cooling systems in this fast-paced industry by improving power usage effectiveness and reducing carbon footprints.

Technology companies are deploying higher-density systems with more specialized machine learning tools, like Artificial Intelligence. This transformation requires even more efficient cooling processes and data center managers are now moving away from evaporative cooling and aisle based arrangements, and towards liquid or cold water based designs which can greatly benefit from installing insulation. Without reliable cooling systems, data centers would not be able to stay in operation and with the right technical insulation on lines, pipes, ducts, and pumps data center managers can save energy, control condensation, and protect air quality.

Although it represents only a small expense in the overall construction budget, technical insulation is the most effective way to reduce carbon emissions and improve data center operating performance. Our ArmaFlex® closed-cell foam insulation is a rubber based flexible material ideal for insulating chilled piping, chillers, cooling tanks, ducts, and air handlers to promote energy efficiency and prevent condensation on below-ambient temperature surfaces—a critical issue for data center management. The insulation is a fiber-free, formaldehyde-free, low VOC formulation product free from particulates that can damage sensitive servers making it ideal for the data center environment. Many of our insulation products are also third-party GREENGUARD Gold certified and for added resistance to the growth of mold, the entire AP-branded product line is made with built-in antimicrobial protection. In addition, the flexible nature of elastomeric foam means it installs easily in tight spaces, walls, or ceilings. You can count on ArmaFlex insulation retaining its thermal integrity over time, lasting well into the digital age. 

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