Ensuring a playing field provides exceptional ball roll, bounce and speed can make the difference in scoring the winning point or going home after missing a shot at glory. For performance and safety, a synthetic field’s success starts under the turf. ArmaSport® turf underlayment shock pad stabilizes and cushions the playing surface providing consistent shock attenuation across the field as well as the polarity that is required by players. Our innovative solution gives athletes the ability to play their game without surface interference helping them perform like champions.

ArmaSport foam products are specifically engineered for a variety of indoor and outdoor athletic fields, facilities and equipment to provide shock absorption and cushion player impact against hard surfaces. Some of the most prestigious athletic programs have chosen ArmaSport synthetic turf underlayment, such as the University of Maryland’s field hockey team, for its long last lasting performance and versatility. ArmaSport underlayment shock pads are closed cell foam manufactured in several thicknesses to meet the strictest specifications. Supplied in rolls, the long lengths and turf-carpet widths are all designed to make installation fast and easy. Our optional drainage system ensures efficient water removal during and after inclement weather to provide greater field performance, durability and longevity. ArmaSport TU2 has also been tested to FIFA 2 Star and ASTM F355 test methods.

Our specially engineered Elastomeric Component Foams (ECF) are used as underlayment for fields and facilities including:

  • Football fields
  • Soccer fields
  • Lacrosse fields
  • Baseball fields
  • Field hockey fields
  • Multi-purpose athletic fields

Armacell’s Polyolefin Component Foams (PCF) are also used by numerous manufacturers to make shock-absorbing mats and specialty padding for athletic equipment including:

  • Wrestling mats
  • Tumbling mats
  • Cheerleading mats
  • Gymnastic mats
  • Athletic foam pads
  • Helmet padding
  • Golf mats
  • Driving range mats

Our ArmaSport padding is also environmentally friendly:

  • Low phthalate products that meet the phthalate threshold requirements (<0.1%) of the CPSIA / CPSC Improvement Act of 2008 public law 110-114
  • Formaldehyde free and meets the global REACH and RoHS requirements covering prohibited and reportable substances
  • Manufactured with an antimicrobial to protect against fungi, mold and bacteria

Both ArmaSport ECF and PCF foams provide excellent shock absorption/impact resistance and all are made in the USA. For more than 35 years, our closed cell foam has been the ideal turf underlayment pad for consistent playing conditions and greater field longevity.