Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Armacell Product Contributions to LEED v4 Performance Criteria

Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) is an internationally recognized green building certification system that promotes an integrated whole-building design approach to the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.

Green Building and Construction

LEED certification is available for all building types including:

  • LEED BD+C: New Construction™
  • LEED BD+C: Core and Shell™
  • LEED BD+C: Schools™
  • LEED BD+C: Retail™
  • LEED BD+C: Data Centers™
  • LEED BD+C: Warehouses and Distribution Centers™
  • LEED BD+C: Hospitality™
  • LEED BD+C: Healthcare™

LEED is a point-based system where building projects earn LEED points for satisfying specific green-building criteria. Within each of the nine LEED credit categories, projects must satisfy particular pre-requisites and earn points. The nine categories include Integrative Process, Location & Transportation (LT), Sustainable Sites (SS), Water Efficiency (WE), Energy and Atmosphere (EA), Materials and Resources (MR), Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ), Innovation (IN), and Regional Priority (RP). Learn more about LEED at

USGBC MemberArmacell Products May Contribute to LEED v4 Credits

While LEED credit requirements cover the performance of materials in aggregate, not the performance of individual products or brands, specifying Armacell elastomeric insulation products can help contribute toward earning points needed to achieve various levels of LEED project certification.

Armacell Insulation System Solutions:

HVAC Duct Liners/Wrap – AP ArmaFlex®, AP ArmaFlex® FS, AP ArmaFlex® SA, AP Coilflex®, AP Spiralflex®

Plumbing – AP ArmaFlex® Tubes, Sheets & Rolls, AP ArmaFlex® Black LapSeal, AP ArmaFlex® W White, AP ArmaFlex® Fabricated Fittings, UT Solaflex Solar/High-Temperature

Accessories – ArmaFix EcoLight® Insulated Pipe Hangers, ArmaFlex® 520 BLV Low-VOC Contact Adhesive, ArmaFlex® Low-VOC Spray Contact Adhesive, ArmaFlex® WB Finish UV/Weather-Resistant Protective Coating, AP ArmaFlex® Tape


Energy and Atmosphere (EA):||

"EA Prerequisite Minimum Energy Performance"|"Reduce environmental and economic harms of excessive energy use by achieving a minimum level of energy efficiency"|Armacell flexible elastomeric insulation products can contribute towards energy savings for HVAC, plumbing and refrigeration systems.

"EA Credit (1-20 Points) Optimize Energy Performance"|Achieve increasing levels of energy performance beyond the prerequisite standard|Armacell flexible elastomeric insulation products can contribute towards greater levels of energy efficiency and savings.

Materials and Resources (MR):||

"MR Credit (1-2 Points) Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Sourcing of Raw Materials"|Encourage the use of products and material as for which life cycle information is available and that have environmentally, economically, and socially preferable life cycle impacts. To reward project teams for selecting products verified to have been extracted or sourced in a responsible manner|Products sourced (extracted, manufactured, and purchased) within 100 miles of the project site are valued at 200% of their base contributing cost. Armacell is a member of the UN Global Compact, an extended producer responsibility program.

"MR Credit (1 Point) Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Material Ingredients, Option 2: Material Ingredient Optimization"|Use products that document their material ingredient optimization using the paths listed for at least 25%, by cost, of the total value of permanently installed products in the project|Armacell’s products do not contain any REACH substances of very high concern, achieving the credit through the International Alternative Compliance Path – REACH Optimization.

Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ):||

“EQ Prerequisite: Minimum Acoustic Performance (Schools)”|To provide classrooms that facilitate teacher-to-student and student-to-student communication through effective acoustic design| Armacell’s duct lining solutions significantly reduce noise due to HVAC systems.

"EQ Credit (1-3 Points) Low-Emitting Materials "|To reduce concentrations of chemical contaminants that can damage air quality, human health, productivity, and the environment| Armacell’s products are UL Greenguard Gold Certified to exceed the requirements of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Standard Method v1.1-2010.

"EQ Credit (1-2 Points) Indoor Air Quality Assessment, Option 2: Air Testing"| To establish better quality indoor air in the building after construction and during occupancy. Demonstrate that contaminants do not exceed the concentration levels listed|Armacell products do not particulate. Therefore, they will not contribute to any particulates in the air.

"EQ Credit (1-2 Points) Acoustic Performance"|To provide workspaces and classrooms that promote occupants’ well-being, productivity, and communications through effective acoustic design|Armacell’s duct lining solutions significantly reduce noise due to HVAC systems.

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