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Shock detector for water hammer

Water hammer problems create extensive piping damages in various industries. The ShockTech® magnetic shock detection device is a great tool to help maintenance crew detecting water hammer areas BEFORE pipe damage occurs. Nicely designed, the tool-free “Clip-On” magnetic shock detector easily fits into bottom door compartment of the Insuguard® Multi pipe support.

Interchangeable color-coded flags

The ShockTech magnetized shock detection system is supplied with interchangeable color-coded swinging flags. Each flag will trigger at a different shock intensity. Flags are easily interchangeable for different shock tolerance.

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Shock detectors for water hammer

Product Advantages

  • Works only with IMCLEVISG adaptor cartridges

  • Tool-free installation

  • Color-coded for easy recognition

  • Designed for 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8G detection

Application Areas

  • For use with plumbing, mechanical, refrigeration and air conditioning piping

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Single-piece molded polypropylene copolymer

  • Polypropylene 20% glass filled

  • UV Resistant

  • Operating temperature -40° to 178°F (-40° to 81 °C)

  • Color: Gray. Flags: Red, Orange and Yellow

Specification Compliance

  • UL classified for USA (UL-723 (ASTM E 84)) And ULC listed for Canada (ULC-S102.2).


  • One size

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