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Armacell Launches ArmaSport Turf Underlayment with Ridges for Enhanced Drainage

Turf underlayment shock pad now available with optional ridges increase horizontal and vertical drainage, making the field ready for play sooner after rain, or keeping the action going during rainy weather. The upgrade gives athletic directors and sports field designers more options for an efficient built-in water drainage system in the underlayment material.

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Armacell H1 2021 Results

•Record net sales of EUR 338.6 million (+17.4%) in the first half of 2021

•Strong commercial momentum across regions and business areas

•Adjusted EBITDA of EUR 59.8 million; adjusted EBITDA margin at 17.7%

•Increase in production capacity for Advanced Insulation and Engineered Foams

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Vote for the Coolest Thing Made in NC!

Armacell’ ArmaFlex® Ultra is nominated for the 2021 “Coolest Thing Made in NC” online competition. We think it’s cool to make a safer insulation that resists flame and smoke development in a fire emergency. Sponsored by the NC Chamber, voting is open until August 31.


Vote once a day to help ArmaFlex Ultra win!


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Armacell 2020 Sustainability Report

This publication enables us to measure the effects of our activities on the environment, on society and on the economy, and allows us to compile relevant data to analyse and improve our actions.

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Improved ArmaFlex® 520 BLV Low VOC Adhesive

Armacell announced today the launch of a new and improved ArmaFlex 520 BLV adhesive in North America. The new formula answers the demand for a low VOC (volatile organic compound) adhesive that adheres as quickly and securely as the standard ArmaFlex 520 glue.

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