Calling all Contractors! Enter Armacell’s First Armaflex Photo Contest to Win!

Photos will be judged on: 

  • Interesting application or job 
  • Skillfulness of installation techniques 
  • Artistic angle or composition of the photo 
  • Creative depiction of AP Armaflex tube, sheet or roll insulation materials 

All photos must include Armaflex insulation. If the Armaflex insulation is painted or covered by jacketing, please identify the location in your supplied description. Other insulation types may be included in the job, but the focus of the photo should be the equipment insulated with closed-cell, fiber free Armaflex. 

Prizes: The winners will receive a VISA gift card in the amount shown made out to the entrant. 

  • First place: $500 
  • Second place: $200 
  • Third place: $100

Winners will be announced at the AHR Show in Chicago January 22, 2018. Each winning entry will be featured on Armacell’s website and promoted through our news, press and social media channels. Show off your insulation and photography skills and be recognized by your peers! 

Photos will be judged by a panel of Armacell marketing and applications experts. The applications specialists judge the skill, and marketing judges the aesthetics. 

How to enter: 

  • Just drop your digital photos at this link by midnight November 30, 2017:
  • In the upload message, be sure to include your: » Name » Company name, » Email address, and » A description of the job in the photo 


  • Tweet to @ArmaflexPro with same info above and #ArmaflexPhoto 

Entrant agrees, all photos become the property of Armacell and may be used to promote Armaflex insulation and further photo contests.


  • Cell phone photos are accepted if the highest/best file resolution setting is selected. 
  • Upload crisp, clear photos to the link above or email photos less than 8MB to
  • Send up to 10 photos per entrant for more chances to win. 
  • Be careful to present a clean work environment that high¬lights your insulation skills in the very best way. 

Any questions?


Download the flyer here.

Get snapping and good luck!

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