Armacell ES and Dr. Mark Swift Dr. Mark Swift featured in Insulation Outlook Magazine

Insulation Offers Both Thermal and Acoustical Protection for Oil and Gas Industries

As in all industrial facilities, when planning the construction of a new oil or gas complex, the requirements for both thermal insulation and noise control must be fulfilled. In most cases these 2 areas are still handled separately by the respective design teams. If these 2 teams operate without any coordination, it can lead to significant inefficiencies in design and result in insulation systems that are thicker or do not fulfill all system requirements. Flexible foam insulation is one option that can help meet both the thermal and acoustical requirements for a number of oil and gas applications. While flexible elastomeric foams have grown in popularity to prevent corrosion under insulation (CUI) for the oil and gas industry, this article will focus primarily on its acoustical abilities.

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