ArmaFlex TwinTube

Armacell’s ArmaFlex® TwinTube flexible pipe insulation is the faster, neater way to insulate split systems, combining two separate tubes for pre-insulating separate lines like liquid and suction into a single integrated piece. The continuous coil TwinTube line set insulation uncoils easily so it can be cut to desired lengths for longer runs with less seams and less waste. Perfect for line set OEM manufacturing, TwinTube can also be used in other industrial applications where two lines need to be insulated. TwinTube is available in five different ID combinations in 1/2-inch wall thickness. Its closed-cell structure resists moisture ingress and prevents condensation on refrigeration lines while delivering dependable, long-lasting thermal performance.

  • One-piece system
  • Split liquid and suction sides
  • Dual IDs in single tube
  • Performance similar to AC Accoflex®

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