High Performance Superyachts Demand High Performance Insulation

Whether cruising the open waters or racing among the waves, yachts are enormous boats designed for leisure and luxury. Enjoying and maintaining expensive amenities require safety assurance and mechanical efficiency of systems aboard the vessel. Yachts and superyachts have complex systems on board to navigate the ship, and also to support operations and passenger comfort. These can include fuel, propulsion, hydraulic, ventilation, and temperature systems to name just a few. Within these systems, networks of pipes, valves, vessels, or tanks all work together to supply energy or resources. One way to support energy efficiency is to use high-performing mechanical insulation — and not just any insulation will suffice. Mechanical installers know that corrosive elements, increased humidity, and risk of moisture can lead to condensation which impacts mechanical system performance. Marine applications cruising along the coast particularly require a durable, moisture-resistant insulation suitable for high humidity environments because the damp moisture penetrates most surfaces. Installers can prevent condensation from occurring by insulating pipes with enough insulation to keep the surface temperature above the dew point. 

That is why Hector Castañeda, owner and installer at Poseidon Marine Air in Florida, trusts only Armacell’s insulation solutions and accessories when he is contracted to insulate systems on superyachts. His company is known for exceptional work insulating steel, PPR, and PVC pipes, air handler systems, expansion tanks, and more on these enormous boats. Castañeda depends on his materials and industry expertise to provide exceptional quality and fast service for his clients operating luxury superyachts. “I will only use Armacell’s products,” said Castañeda. “The insulation is easy to cut and handle, and I am able to make unique, custom fittings for pipes and tanks on the boats. I can even create templates to make prefabricated elbows to any size I need, saving time and effort on the job,” he continued. 

On the most recent 100 foot superyacht project Poseidon Marine Air completed, Castañeda used AP/ArmaFlex insulation, ArmaFlex Insulation Tape, and ArmaFix EcoLight pipe supports to successfully insulate hard-to-reach pipes in tight quarters. “I rely heavily on my training for these tricky installations below deck. Armacell provides superior customer service, alongside industry trusted training. I have gained knowledge from Armacell by attending their AQIP training and taking Armacell Academy training classes.” 

Installers that work with Armacell experience superior support and technical expertise. “We have been supporting Poseidon Marine Air in several yacht projects and it is nice to see the pride they put into their work, always targeting for the best installation possible. I am impressed with the quality of their installations,” explains Rafael Briceño, Armacell Regional Sales Manager, Northern Latin America, Mexico, and Florida. Whether it is a private or commercial yacht, installers that use Armacell’s solutions can help their customers experience smooth sailing for many nautical miles in the future.

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