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OleCell® Foam Products

Polyethylene and Co-extruded Polyethylene Profiles     

OleCell is a line of non-crosslinked polyethylene profiles which can be shaped in a wide variety of proprietary configurations for nearly any protective application in packaging, special padding and custom sealing. The versatility of Polyolefin Component Foam (PCF) profile products like OleCell is a benefit for manufacturers who need to protect their finished goods during transportation or create a seal for specialized equipment.

  • Closed-cell foam material
  • Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable
  • Variety of existing sizes and shapes available
  • Adds cushioning to variety of surfaces
  • Colors available   

If you need help to find products that meet your requirements, contact one of our technical managers with specific questions for your product or application.

Download an OleCell data sheet for all the relevant technical data.

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Co-Extruded Profiles with non-foamed PE film

Scaffolding Protection

PE Tubular

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