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Pipe Fastener

Need to run an extra line using existing Clevis hangers? The lnsuClip® was designed to fill that need! With this new inexpensive pipe fastener, you can now securely fasten uninsulated refrigeration lines, water pipes, electrical cables, communications cables, etc. within the free space available above the cross-bolt of Clevis hangers.

Tool-free installation

First, attach the dual-strap fastener to the pipe and then slide into the Clevis hanger’s upper space, then attach to the cross-bolt. Both plastic straps are easily tightened and securely locked into place, with a sturdy tie-wrap closure. The InsuClip fastener will not interfere with the swinging movement of the lower U-shaped metal strap as it is only attached to the cross-bolt.

Greatly contribute to lower your installation costs No need to install separate pipe hangers as you benefit from the free space provided by the upper area of the existing sturdy Clevis hanger ceiling installation which can accommodate holding additional pipes or cables up to 2.25 inch (57 mm) in diameter. This clever, inexpensive fastener will save you time and money when your customers need to add an extra pipe run or some cabling to an existing installation.

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Pipe fastener strap for use on Clevis hangers

Product Advantages

  • Time-saving tie-wrap fastener

  • Tool-free installation

  • Low-cost solution to hold pipes or cables

  • Makes use of existing space

  • Rounded base securely holds pipe from ¼” to 2-1/4” (6.35mm to 25mm)

Application Areas

  • For use with plumbing, refrigeration, air conditioning piping and communication cables

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Molded polypropylene tie-wrap fastener


  • UV Resistant

  • Operating temperature -40° to 178°F (-40° to 81 °C}

  • Paintable (preserves mechanical properties event after painting)

  • Color: Black

  • Not recommended for piping that must be insulated

Specification Compliance

  • UL classified for USA (UL-723 (ASTM E 84)) And ULC listed for Canada (ULC-S102.2).


  • 4 adjustable sizes. Fits 1/4” up to 2-1/4” pipe diameter. (6.35 to 25mm)

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