New Acoustical Tape

New ArmaSound MTD Acoustical Tape Makes Spaces Quieter

Using ArmaSound® MTD tape in commercial wall assemblies increases the STC rating and reduces disturbing noise for building occupants. It is an easy-to-install alternative to resilient channel or isolation clips.

To learn more about STC ratings of MTD tape watch this video.

The tape, when applied along steel studs in a conventional wall assembly, limits sound from passing through the wall, resulting in quieter, more comfortable rooms with increased privacy.

ArmaSound MTD provides excellent sound transmission isolation at mid-level to high frequencies without thermal bridging. Architects can have confidence that

  • ArmaSound MTD meets ASTM E84 Class B and is UL classified* for use in rated assemblies.
  • Quick installation – just peel and press to one side of stud face before drywall installation
  • Mechanical decoupling reduces sound passing through a wall assembly
  • Excellent sound isolation at mid-level to high frequencies
  • No thermal bridging
  • Improves STC ratings
  • Patent pending
  • Made in USA

This patent-pending foam tape offers a multitude of benefits. It can be used on radiused walls and provides air seal to the stud. It is an easy alternative to resilient channels, isolation clips or installing extra layers of drywall. Plus, it delivers a significant 7-point improvement in the Sound Transmission Class rating that the majority of alternative construction methods cannot match. For example, extra wallboard typically equates to two points per sheet and resilient channel typically five to seven points. Isolation clips typically offer up to 11 points, but can be costly and difficult to install.


  • Steel stud, partition walls
  • Commercial buildings
  • Healthcare
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Hospitality
  • Places of worship
  • Government buildings

Overview of Sound Isolation Techniques

Types of SolutionsDescriptionTypical STC Improvement
Resilient ChannelA metal channel installed perpendicular to the wall framing that decouples sound waves5-7 Points typical
Isolation ClipsIsolation mounts that install in rows directly to the wall framing that reduces noiseUp to 11 Points
Extra sheet of drywallAlso called sheet rock or gypsum boardEach sheet of 5/8" drywall improves STC by 2 Points
MTD TapeAdheres to the wall framing and reduces noise transmission through wall assemblues7 Points typical

Download Documents:

Data sheet
Installation Instructions
UL Certificate

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* This product has been classified by UL as to ANSI/UL 263 for Wall and Partition Facings and Accessories (CLBV.R38810)

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