Acoustical Insulation Solutions

AP Coilflex Duct LinerAcoustic solutions HVAC applications

Background noise can be distracting in almost any setting. Fortunately, Armacell elastomeric foam insulation offers solutions to minimize the effect of environmental noise in homes, schools, and workplaces.

Double-Duty Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

The acoustic properties of foam help mitigate both structure-borne and airborne noise, improving indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in all types of occupied spaces. All of the AP ArmaFlex® closed-cell foam and AP CoilFlex® conformable foam insulation products offer acoustical performance along with the thermal efficiency and energy savings they provide. Whether used in HVAC systems to quiet low-frequency structure-borne or airborne noise or to dampen vibrations which cause ambient noise, Armacell foam insulation makes a real difference in any environment. In plumbing systems, ArmaFlex foam quiets the sounds of rushing fluids in piping.

White GoodsComponent Foams for Noise Attenuation in Manufacturing

Armacell elastomeric foams are frequently used in manufacturing, both for noise attenuation and thermal efficiency. Many OEM manufacturers in the HVAC and white goods industries use Armacell products to add cushioning, absorb sound or damp noisy equipment vibrations in the products they make. 

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