Olympic Broadcasting Service (OBS) TV Tower, Rio, Brazil

Armacell’s Acoustic Insulation Sheeting Used in the Studios of Olympic Broadcasting Service TV Tower of the Olympic Park in Rio, Brazil.

Project: The Olympic Broadcasting Service (OBS) TV Tower
Location: Olympic Park, Rio, Brazil
Contractor: Green Coast Construction Company

CHALLENGE: Tight deadline requires an acoustical sheeting product that is fast and easy to install.

SOLUTION: Armacell Brazil’s acoustic sheeting product is quick to install and helps absorb noise and vibration in adjacent TV studios.

Armacell is in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. The Olympic Broadcasting Service (OBS) TV Tower building in Rio’s capital Olympic Park was constructed using Armacell acoustical insulation sheeting on the first two floors, ceilings and walls. Approximately 10.000m² of acoustical insulation was used.

The product, currently available only from Armacell’s Brazil operation, was applied to reduce any environmental vibration and noise between the adjacent broadcasting studios built for the transmission of the Games.

With three thousand square meters of built area, the project was developed in accordance with SiAC standards – Service Companies and Civil Construction Compliance Assessment System, level “A”, of PBQP-H - Brazilian Program of Habitat Quality and Productivity, and ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2008.

Quick Turnaround

Helena Rodrigues, Project Manager of the Green Coast Construction Company responsible for the project, explains that “from the beginning, the construction was a great challenge due to the tight four month deadline, making it impossible to use conventional methods. For this reason, we adopted the Light Steel Frame System (galvanized steel structures, lightweight and flexible), a solution that broadens the horizons of this market. For this type of system, products such as Armacell’s acoustic sheets make all the difference, especially for the TV Tower, for use in studios and multimedia rooms.”

Factors such as the quick and easy application of acoustical sheets, and its proven quality in several high-quality acoustic insulation projects around the world, were crucial when choosing the right product. Antonio Borsatti, Products and Application Engineer at Armacell, explains that the product “absorbs the impact noise originating in the subfloor and prevents direct contact of the subfloor with the slab or the walls, cushioning the sound waves, and attenuating the noises that would otherwise filter to the other environments.”

Armacell’s Brazil sales operation offers two versions of the acoustical sheeting product, either 5mm or 10mm thicknesses in elastomeric rubber or in low density polyethylene (PEBD).

About Green Coast

The Green Coast is part of Gyp Group, which operates in the civil construction market since 1990. The group has in its portfolio great projects like the Maracanã Stadium, the Olympic Flag, IBC Olympic Park, Caixa Econômica Federal, television production studios for FIFA, and more than 350 projects throughout Brazil.

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