Component Foam Construction

ConstructionFoam components used in the manufacture of construction materials and products

When it comes to the construction industry, Armacell foam products are used for more than just insulation. Our component-foam division makes elastomeric and polyolefin material in sheets, rolls and buns (blocks) that is used in many construction applications and in the manufacture of various construction materials and products.

We supply Monarch® and OleTex® materials for vibration isolation and dampening to prevent unwanted noise or loosening of equipment.  Monarch foams are also excellent for joint seals or closure strips. Our foam products offer durability, excellent weathering, ozone resistance and heat resistance. 

ArmaComfort® MTD acoustical tape is a revolutionary new mechanical and thermal decoupling tape that’s fast and easy to install! Applying MTD tape directly to the stud in place of resilient channel or isolation clips, dramatically reduces pass through noise, making a quieter, more comfortable space.

FillPro® Backer Rod products offer a range of joint filling backer rods for construction applications. Closed- or open-cell, firm or comformable, there are FillPro rods for every joint and sealant.

Ensolite SealsApplications:
  • Vibration isolation and dampening

  • Expansion joints

  • Joint seals

  • Closure strips

Check our Product Selector Tool to find products that meet your requirements. Custom products are an option, so please contact us with specific questions regarding your product or application.

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