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Quality foam cores designed for safer, more durable wresting matsWrestling Mat Cutaway

Armacell is a leading provider of engineered foam cores for the manufacture of wrestling mats. The foam cores Armacell provides to leading wrestling-mat manufacturers are preferred by high school and college wrestlers, coaches and referees for their durability, comfort and sure footing.  With two quality brands available, Armacell has the right product to meet the needs for both safety and budget-conscious buyers.

ArmaSport® Premium Foam Cores

High-performance shock absorption is the foundation of any athletic mat and Armacell has set the standard with ArmaSport component foam in continuous rolls. These PVC / NBR blends are designed for impact protection and long-lasting performance. 
While some wrestling mats wear out quickly with heavy use, mats made with Armasport stand up to heavy use while delivering top-quality shock absorption, impact protection and excellent compression. ArmaSport foam has been the preferred athletic mat foam core pad for more than 35 years.
ArmaSport foam cores also meet fire-retardant standards.  The closed-cell PVC / Nitrile blend resists moisture that leads to mold growth.Wrestling Mat 

  • Tough, durable for extended use

  • Excellent compression qualities

  • Closed-cell foam resists moisture and mold

  • Made in the USA

OleTex® Lightweight Foam Cores

OleTex foam cores are a lighter weight, cost-effective alternative to the premium ArmaSport foam for wrestling and athletic mats. Cross-linked polyethylene or blended polyolefin core material allows for lighter weight, more portable wresting mats. OleTex is an excellent choice for athletic programs on a budget or where portability and easy set up are priorities.

ArmaSport for Wrestling Mats

Light weight foam cushioning 

  • Easy to roll and store

  • Meets all applicable ASTM standards

  • Made in the USA

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