Comfort Class

When problematic noises due to vibration disrupts production operations at aircraft manufacturers, Material Specification Engineers seek out damping products, like EnsoLite®, that can alleviate noise due to component movement. Vibration damping cellular materials can be installed under aircraft interior floor panels, seat tracks, windows, galleys, lavatories, storage bins, and other areas where vibration and rattling can occur over the course of a plane’s lifecycle. ArmaComfort® MTD Tape (formerly ArmaSound MTD) is another acoustic solution that allows a soft, cushioned bond to be maintained between surfaces, reducing noise and vibrations. ArmaComfort® MTD Tape can also be used as a mechanical thermal decoupling tape when adhered to stringers that run through the cross-section of a cabin, separating it from the fuselage.

The EnsoLite® product line offers a broad range of soft, flexible, closed-cell PVC/NBR, PVC/NBR/CR, EPDM and Neoprene based foam products for similar sealing and gasket applications in the aerospace, industrial, and automotive markets. These continuous-roll stocks provide savings during fabrication by increasing throughput.

Armacell EnsoLite® brand products are offered in a variety of densities and compression deflection firmness ranges. Select Elastomeric Component Foam (ECF) products like ArmaComfort and EnsoLite have been tested to various industry standards and meet many stringent aerospace material requirements, particularly the flammability requirements of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations at specific thicknesses.

ArmaComfort is an excellent choice for aerospace applications as Armacell performs extensive smoke, flame and toxic gas emissions testing to ensure specified products are meeting, if not exceeding, these aerospace safety standards.
If inappropriate materials are used during aviation equipment production or routine maintenance, passengers can unnecessarily be exposed to smoke or toxic fumes should an incident occur.

Several of Armacell’s products have been tested to and pass the Boeing BSS 7239 and Bombardier SMP 800C requirements for toxic gas generation as well as the stringent horizontal and 12 second vertical burn requirements of FAR 25.853 at specific thicknesses. 

Several of our cellular materials are also UL94 V-0 vertical burn rated at specific thicknesses.  ArmaComfort is UL listed in the U.S. and Canada. Armacell is continuously working to improve our varied cellular products and formulations so we may meet the changing needs of the aerospace industry and its suppliers.