Three minutes, 180 seconds. That is how quickly a fire becomes life threatening. Thirty years ago, it took the average home about 17 minutes to be engulfed in flames. Research now reveals that the average home burns in as little as 3 to 4 minutes due to modern synthetic building materials and home furnishings.¹ While a fire in a single-family dwelling involving one or two rooms might be considered routine for most fire departments, a fire in a hotel, multi-family structure or commercial building made of steel, concrete, glass, and other dense materials is a much greater challenge. These construction features can inhibit or block normal communication from Land Mobile Radios (LMR) transmission functions, disrupting essential first responder communications. A delay in communication can mean valuable seconds are lost. In an era where time is our most precious commodity to protect the things we love, every millisecond counts.

Modern challenges need modern solutions. Luckily, Armacell has developed ArmaFlex® Ultra with FlameDefense™ technology to resist burning and reduce smoke development. It is the first elastomeric insulation Classified by UL to UL 723 at 25/50. In the event of fire, materials that are UL 723 classified will burn slower and produce less smoke, giving occupants and first responders precious extra time. With patent-pending FlameDefense technology, ArmaFlex Ultra goes beyond the required building codes and international safety regulations, thus furthering our company’s commitment to safety and energy efficiency.

ArmaFlex Ultra was tested and proven to have consistent and compliant results. Our commitment to the National Fire Protection Association's Life Safety Code drove the pursuit of a UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) Classification Mark, which mandates that materials are evaluated by independent, third-party testing facilities compliant with UL classified testing and auditing requirements. The UL Classification Mark gives engineers, specifiers, and building owners the assurance that ArmaFlex Ultra will perform consistently year after year. Unlike any other elastomeric insulation manufacturer on the market, Armaflex Ultra meets an IMC (International Mechanical Code) third-party certification standard. It also has excellent water vapor permeability and thermal properties, thus preventing moisture from forming on pipes, preventing mold, corrosion, and water damage in mechanical systems and buildings.

Hands down, Armaflex Ultra is the only UL Classified elastomeric insulation on the market proven to resist flame and smoke development, possibly protecting your home, commercial building, and most importantly, your loved ones, in case of a fire. The comfort in knowing that you are given valuable time when it counts is priceless.

Still a skeptic? Or simply, just want to see it for yourself? Check out our YouTube channel to see ArmaFlex Ultra at work: