Is there anything more frustrating for insulation installers than a ragged cut that causes poor bonding? Definitely not. Gaps, separation, tears, and openings in insulation can cause problems like energy loss, condensation build up, corrosion, and insulation failure. That is why getting a smooth, clean cut, and superior seal is vital for installers. 

Even with the best elastomeric or polyethylene foam insulation products, proper installation is a precision skill—one that requires the right tools, because when adding insulation to a mechanical system, pipes, or ducts, it is all about the installation. Using the correct knife ensures a clean cut that glues together seamlessly creating a better bond. We are happy to announce the launch of the Armacell Knife Kit! After three years of research, sampling, and testing our application team has compiled a branded knife set of professional-grade tools for sale through North American distributors where our insulation solutions are sold. 

“Where to get the knives our trainers use is the number one request that we hear during Armacell’s installer training sessions,” says Anthony Ortega, Armacell Application & Project Support Specialist. “We source our knives and sharpeners from several makers in the U.S. and other countries, which can make it difficult for the installer to acquire them on their own. Now we offer all the proper tools in one easy-to-carry kit.” 

Our carefully curated Armacell Knife Kit includes all the high quality tools we recommend to professional insulation installers to ensure the best possible installation.

Our 8-piece knife kit includes: 

  • 6.5” non-serrated knife 
  • 8.5” non-serrated knife 
  • 7” filet knife with sheath 
  • 6” ceramic knife with sheath 
  • AccuSharp knife sharpener 
  • Two silver markers 
  • Multi-pocket canvas carrying case

“Using the right knife and keeping it sharp is our top tip, and by investing in Armacell’s quality tools, installers are ready to make the best cut ensuring a hassle-free installation,” concludes Ortega. Use what the pros use to get the job done right. Armacell has answers.