By Matthew Hawn - Armacell Regional Specification Manager

During this time of reflection, we ask specifiers about their confidence in their insulation specs and to consider when the last time the specification was reviewed. New codes and requirements are passed continually and it’s important to keep up with these market changes. Often, we find specifications which have fallen through the cracks during review time.      

Don’t fret if you are in this position! Our team of qualified technical resources is available to guide you through the specification update process. Let us help you stick to at least one resolution. Our team stands ready to assist you through an unbiased review and to make any recommended changes so that you can start the year off with a fresh confidence in the products and applications you are specifying.  

We are here to help!

Step 1: Click the following link -

Step 2: Under product choose “Insulation”, under Country select “United States,” and then select your state.

Step 3: Scroll down until you see Engineer/Specifier Contact

Step 4: Call or email your specification contact

It is challenging to keep up with changing building codes and evolving materials technology. Therefore during specification reviews we are able to guide specifiers through their specification. Specifically, we look for antiquated manufacturer names which have changed due to spinoffs or acquisition. We review product names to ensure correct names are listed and that the associated physical properties of these products are correct and comply with code requirements. Product names change due to introduction of new product technology or due to obsolescence from the introduction of other product solutions. These reviews are a chance to inform specifiers of new product solutions that have been introduced into the market and to give general trends in the commercial insulation market. If you lack confidence in your insulation specification or it’s simply been awhile since your spec was last reviewed, let us help you regain comfort in your spec with a fresh update for the New Year.