ArmaSport® turf underlayment shock pad stabilizes and cushions the playing surface providing consistent shock attenuation across the field. Its optional drainage system and elastomeric material construction ensure greater field performance, durability and longevity. The ArmaSport pad system is the ideal, safer choice with or without granular infill systems.

ArmaSport has been installed for over 50-years on fields across the globe. Coaches, athletic directors, sports field professionals, installers and athletes choose ArmaSport for continuous protection across the field: edge to edge and end to end. Proper installation is important to make sure the field performs well and keeps players safer.

  1. Make sure to follow the turf manufacturer’s recommendations for underlayment specification. The turf height and type may dictate how the foam pad should be installed.
  2. When delivering to the field site, rolls should not be kept exposed to weather for more than 30 days.
  3. Rolled material should be stored laying down. Do not store on ends as this may cause the edges of the roll to curl.
  4. The substrate should be properly prepared. Asphalt and concrete should be clean and free of debris. Crushed rock base and finishing stone should be packed and smooth. All substrates should be sloped allowing for proper slope for drainage.
  5. Ridged and perforated padding should be installed for outdoor fields to maximize drainage.
  6. Care should be taken to protect rolls from damage when moving with a forklift or other equipment. Loads on the padding should not exceed 35 psi.
  7. If the synthetic turf field is designed to use infill material, the turf roll may not need to be glued to the shock pad.
  8. For glued applications, spray the glue evenly and follow the adhesive manufactures installation recommendations.
  9. After stitching the foam padding edges together, be sure to flatten each seam.
  10. For taped applications, butt up and align the seams before applying the tape and troweling the adhesive, leaving no gap under the tape.

Use Armacell’s ArmaSport Turf Installation Guide for detailed instructions. Any questions? Feel free to contact our turf experts at