Helmet Padding

Armacell foam product solutions for cushioning / padding applications

Armacell makes elastomeric and polyolefin foam for use in athletic, industrial, commercial and residential environments. We supply many manufacturers with these component foams in sheets, rolls and buns (blocks), which they then fabricate into finished goods like pads, mats, and safety gear.

ArmaSport® and OleTex® are used in athletics as floor mats, protective coverings and personal body protection.

Armacell OleCell Play Padding Blue

Playground protection that lasts

Armacell’s OleCell® polyethylene foam padding with wear resistant outer layer is ideal protection for playgrounds, amusement parks and athletic sport complexes.  Our polyethylene foam padding with co-extruded tough outer skin stands up to the most demanding applications for years of protection. 

OleCell CE 180 Features

  • Armacell OleCell Ball Field Fence ProtectionWeather proof and UV resistant for outside installation in any weather
  • Flame retardant1 for indoor installations
  • Easy to clean, mold resistant 
  • Light weight, installs easily in new construction or retrofit 
  • Recyclable materials


  • Indoor or outdoor playgrounds
  • Ball pits, trampoline cage
  • Amusement parks
  • Athletic sport complexes, batting cages, goal posts
  • Fence top or guardrail padding

View OleCell CE 180 Data Sheet here.

Other OleCell® profiles include extruded shapes for a wide variety of protective uses, such as padded edging to prevent product damage in shipping or padding that protects people from sharp edges and corners. Contact us to see profiles we already make or to develop custom profiles for your needs.

Download a data sheet for all the relevant technical data and physical properties. Check our Product Selector Tool and Technical Specification Guide to find products that meet your requirements. Custom products are an option, so please contact us by selecting "Component Foam" with specific questions regarding your product or application. 

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