University Auditorium StudentsIAQ insulation solutions for schools and universities

Schools and colleges cannot afford HVAC inefficiency, questionable IAQ, or maintenance issues.

That’s why the best insulation choice for these facilities is the one that provides long-lasting thermal performance without posing any threat to the indoor air environment. AP ArmaFlex is the most reliable and most durable insulation a school can choose. The reasons are as fundamental as A,B,C.

A: Advanced Moisture Control

Cold-water and air-handling systems are prone to moisture issues. Both systems are likely to develop condensation problems if the insulation is not sized or installed perfectly. ArmaFlex closed-cell elastomeric foam insulation is an HVAC system’s best defense against moisture.

  • Closed-cell foam structure prevents moisture from wicking; it can’t be compromised by surface punctures or tears

  • No separate moisture-vapor retarder needed. The closed structure is like having a jacket built right in.

  • Better long-term thermal efficiency: moisture causes fibrous material to compress. Dry insulation retains its thermal integrity

B: Comprehensive IAQ ProtectionHigh School

IAQ in schools is extremely important, which is why many educational facilities are opting for a fiber-free environment. This is especially important in ductwork, where fibrous material can get caught up in the air stream, exposing building occupants to airborne particulate. Not only is AP ArmaFlex non-particulating – meaning its structure will not break apart and become airborne -- it is completely fiber-free.

  • Fiber-free and non-particulating; won’t flake into the airstream

  • Made with exclusive Microban® antimicrobial protection; resists the growth of mold and mildew

  • Low VOCs – With AP ArmaFlex there is no off-gassing; GREENGUARD® Gold Certified to low emission standards

C: Energy Efficiency

Armacell’s advanced insulation solutions provide long-lasting thermal efficiency with very low maintenance. Properly insulating ducts and cold-water pipes helps reduce energy waste and prevents heat loss or gain in HVAC and plumbing design.

  • Un-insulated ducts are inefficient and cost more to operate

  • Spaces that are poorly insulated effect the comfort of the occupants

  • AP ArmaFlex, AP CoilFlex and AP SpiralFlex are plenum-rated for fire and smoke

Extra credit – Acoustic Performance!School Lobby

Elastomeric foam earns extra points for its excellent acoustic properties when used as a duct liner or wrap in HVAC systems. The foam absorbs noise from the system and dampens structure-borne vibrations from the ductwork, fans or motors. The end result is a quieter learning environment that is free from low-frequency mechanical disturbances.

  • Reduces HVAC noise levels through sound absorption and blocking

  • Good NRC value (up to 0.60), excellent STC (Class 25)

  • Dense enough to provide excellent sound deadening (vibration damping) of HVAC rattle in metal ducts

High-performance schools, universities and learning centers deserve high-performing insulation to help reduce energy waste, resist spread of mold and fibers, and reduce noise for a more effective learning environment.



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