Component Foam Overview

Elastomeric and Polyolefin Component Foam Products

Armacell brings more than half a century of science, expertise and innovation to foam technology. In addition to our leading market position in foam insulation, we also produce a wide range of foam components for manufacturers in many industries.

In North America, we manufacture two categories of component foam products: Elastomeric Component Foam (ECF) and Polyolefin Component Foam (PCF).


ECF foam products are based on such various synthetic polymers as NBR, EPDM and Neoprene rubber. They include our brands Monarch®, ArmaSport®, Ensolite® and EnsoLine™. ECF foam products are high-quality, high-performance components offered in many formulations to meet different physical and chemical property requirements. Many of our foam products are already compliant with automotive and fire-safety standards. Check our Technical Specification Guide or contact one of our technical managers with specific questions for your product or application.

Armacell’s ECF lines also include numerous closed-cell foams and expanded rubber products used extensively in industrial, automotive and sport/recreational applications. Fifty years of foam experience enables us to design optimized cell structures and densities for specific physical properties — custom engineered to fit your needs.

Ensolite Composite FoamsPolymer Types Available:  

PVC/NBR Blends
  • Good fuel resistance

  • Excellent fire performance

  • Shock absorption performance

  • Use temperatures range from -40°F to 180°F continuous use

  • Up to 200°F for intermittent exposure (220°F for Insulation continuous use)

  • UV and ozone resistance

  • Wide operating/service temperature range (-65°F to 250°F)

  • Resistance to acids

  • Poor fuel resistance

  • High resilience

Monarch and Ensolite GasketsNeoprene (CR)
  • High elongation

  • High resilience  

  • Medium fuel resistance

Epichlorohydrin (ECH)
  • Excellent heat, ozone, oil and fuel resistance

  • Temperatures range from -40°F to 300°F [325°F intermittent]


PCF products are made from thermoplastic polymers. Our PCF brands are OleTex®, PropaCene® and OleCell®. We make chemically cross-linked polyethylene in rolls or blocks called “buns” in formulations that vary from soft and flexible to stronger, stiffer specifications. Non-cross-linked polyethylene can be extruded into customizable profile shapes and non-cross-linked polypropylene is recyclable and can be used for thermoforming applications.

Polyolefin components are popular due to their cost-effective uses across many applications. Our foam products already meet many automotive specifications and fire-testing standards.

OleTex Foam Camp PadArmacell’s PCF division offers an exclusive range of polyolefin foams that include patented, polyethylene solutions that are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene foam and excellent for thermoforming applications. We develop custom solutions requiring the special characteristics of polyolefin combined with value-added technical properties and leading-edge Armacell expertise and customer service.

OleTex ®
  • Chemically cross-linked polyethylene foams in rolls and bun form

  • Blends of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) or Ethylene Ethyl Acrylate (EEA) which provide soft flexible materials

  • Available options of different additives and blends to provide stiffer, higher-strength products.   

  • Non Cross-linked Polyethylene Extruded Foam Profiles (Shapes)

PropaCene®PropaCene Food Container
  • Non Cross-linked Polypropylene is Thermoformable & Recyclable

Armacell is a proven global leader in cellular technologies and technical support. Product lines include elastomeric foams, expanded rubbers and polyolefins for automotive and industrial applications (Ensolite®, OleTex®, Monarch®, PropaCene®) and the sport and leisure sector (ArmaSport®, ArmaSport Turf Underlayments, and OleTex®). Armacell also offers extruded foam and molded elastomeric profile products (EnsoLine™) and extruded and co-extruded polyethylene (OleCell®) for many different industrial and personal safety applications.

Check our Product Selector Tool and Technical Specification Guide to find products that meet your requirements, or contact one of our technical managers with specific questions for your product or application.

Download our Component Foam Innovation brochure here.

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