Read more about lap seal and self seal for insulation and the Armacell products that are right for you.

Insulation performance relies on the proper installation. Correct installation ensures the integrity of the system—which prevents condensation occurring on insulated pipes. Condensation in a mechanical system does not just bring the nuisance of dripping water; it can also lead to devastating effects to the insulation or system itself. 

Part of properly installing an insulation system requires sealing the insulation along the longitudinal seams and there are two great pipe insulation options with built in sealing: lap seal and self seal. These two methods of sealing both have their advantages. Lap seal closure systems provide the ultimate protection. It ensures the seam stays 100% sealed on pipes to provide the highest level of condensation control. A self-seal closure, found on our polyethylene (PE) pipe insulation, is a cost-effective alternative to the lap seal. Pressure sensitive adhesive closures are best suited to facilitate insulation in domestic hot and cold water systems where condensation is not a priority. Both the lap seal and self seal are easy to install and thus save time in installation. The pre-cut slit in self seal and lap seal reduces cutting time. Both systems eliminate a large amount of cutting and gluing at the jobsite.

Armacell has options just right your insulation job, whether they require lap seal or self seal. Lap seal options in our closed-cell elastomeric foam family include AP ArmaFlex® Black LapSeal and AP ArmaFlex® White LapSeal. Black LapSeal now comes with a new angle cut that covers 40% more surface area on the self-sealing connection than other products. It is easy to install and comes in a wide range of sizes. The lap seal closure system stays closed and looks neat, too. White LapSeal is perfect when insulation exposed in a space requires clean aesthetics such as a in a grocery store ceiling for a refrigerator application. Both Black and White LapSeal provide superior protection against thermal losses, condensation and moisture ingress, making it the ideal choice for insulating mechanical piping systems. 

During installation, the end joints of ArmaFlex foam require ArmaFlex® 520 adhesive, which bonds the insulation together end to end. ArmaFlex 520 adhesive joins ArmaFlex tubes together reliably and safely. ArmaFlex Black LapSeal endjoints should be sealed with adhesive per installation guidelines, and then wrapped with, ArmaFlex® Black LapSeal Tape to provide added seam security, giving the insulation a clean look.    

Armacell also has plenty of economical PE choices for residential plumbing and light commercial applications. Tubolit® SS and Tubolit® W SS are pre-slit, 25/50 rated, closed-cell thermal insulation. The self-sealing, pressure-sensitive adhesive closure makes installation faster. Available in dark gray, or white, Tubolit® is a cost-effective insulation system ideal for domestic hot and cold water.

Additionally, Tundra® SS and W SS and Imcoa® SS and W SS are great self-seal insulation options. Available in white and dark gray, they are closed-cell, PE foam ideal for residential and light commercial plumbing projects, designed to prevent heat loss and protect pipes from freezing. It has excellent thermal, physical and chemical resistant properties and a broad service temperature range. 

So if you want to speed up the job, or simply use a self-sealing insulation to help you get a good seam bond in a tight space, Armacell has great time-saving insulation options for you.

To learn more about Armacell’s self-seal and lap seal products, visit Armacell's product selector here.