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Solving a UL Gasketing Issue for a Large Enclosure Manufacturer

September 16, 2019

CGR Products has the resources to provide solutions for difficult problems. This was the case for a large enclosure manufacturer that was having an enclosure fail its UL certification for a seemingly simple issue.

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Maryland Field Hockey Sticking with AstroTurf and Armacell

September 16, 2019

Armacell’s ArmaSport® turf underlayment shock pad achieves the goal for the University of Maryland’s Field Hockey & Lacrosse Complex in need of playing field rejuvenation. Learn how easy-to-install closed-cell foam padding is the turf underlayment of choice for national champions like the Maryland Terrapins.

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Float Through the End of Summer with Armacell’s Pool Noodles

August 21, 2019

Make the most of the last weeks of summer in the water with a fun, colorful float!

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Armacell’s Wide Range of Engineered Foams Helps Provide Solutions for the Aviation Industry

August 07, 2019

The aerospace and defense industry requires superior products that help solve the solution to the acoustical challenges of flying.

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Megatrend Alert: Pulling Transportation Ahead with Lightweighting

July 31, 2019

Focusing on reducing weight during transportation benefits not only companies, but also the consumer and the environment.

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Importance of Turf Underlayment Shock Pad for Synthetic Turf Fields

May 29, 2019

For safety and performance, your synthetic field’s success starts under the turf. Read about how ArmaSport's Turf Underlayment provides player protection and performance in a synthetic turf field.

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National Playground Safety Week

April 23, 2019

About every 2 minutes a child in the U.S. is seen in an emergency room for a playground related injury. Armacell’s OleCell can help reduce this risk!

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Armacell is Helping Improve Aviation Safety and Comfort, One Travel Mile at a Time

April 03, 2019

Flying the friendly skies with Armacell’s wide range of engineered foams that provide solutions to help improve aircraft safety and comfort.

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Updates at the 2019 Foam Expo North America's Opening Day

March 26, 2019

The convention marks the third year of being the first free-to-attend exhibition and conference in North America for the technical foam industry. Armacell reports on the activity on the floor of at the convention in Novi, Michigan.

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A Collaborative Relationship for Timely, Accurate Supply of Automotive HVAC Gaskets

March 20, 2019

The automotive supply chain can often act as a bottleneck in vehicle manufacturing. It is imperative for suppliers at all levels to deliver quality materials on time – here, successful HVAC gasket delivery is achieved through Mueller’s capabilities and Armacell’s quick response time. Read more about Armacell in action.

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