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Tired of Not Being Able to Play on Wet Fields?

June 29, 2018

ArmaSport Turf-underlayment Pad now comes with innovations built to get you back on the field faster after rain. Find out how ridges and perforated holes facilitate water drainage through the pad and return turf fields to playing condition in no time.

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Using Armacell Monarch and EnsoLite for Protection of Electrical Enclosures

June 26, 2018

Enclosure gaskets are needed for electrical enclosures in order to keep the box sealed and weatherproof. It’s important to select the proper material for each gasket. Armacell Monarch and EnsoLite are perfect for techniques like strip gasketing and dovetailing gasketing to protect enclosures. Find out more. 

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Armacell Can Get Your Summer Started

June 19, 2018

As schools are letting out across the country, public pools and country clubs will soon be filling up with eager kids and families. Parents and babysitters will kick back on lounge chairs, and kids will enjoy the water. But the summer could not be complete without one of its essentials. Just as sure as the summer sun requires sunscreen, so do pools require pool noodles. 

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To Fuji or not to Fuji Test your Gaskets, That is the Question

May 09, 2018

Many variables can affect gasket sealing such as internal pressure, temperature, gasket design, and flange load.  Sometimes it is necessary to dig a little deeper into the actual sealing picture when a difficult or critical sealing situation is encountered.  In this article, we will explore a process we call “Fuji Testing”.

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Backer Rod’s Importance in Log Cabin Construction

May 03, 2018

Proper use of backer rod and chinking can significantly reduce the heat loss of a log wall as well as in and around window frames and doorways. Filling these gaps properly will end up saving you a lot in utility bills and future repairs. Read about the benefits, selections, and installation.

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News from the floor of the 2018 Foam Expo in Detroit, Michigan

March 07, 2018

Armacell reports on the activity on the floor of the Foam Expo in Detroit Wednesday, March 6th.

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Artificial Turf Sustainable Benefits

March 01, 2018

Athletic fields can see a wide range of sports play and usage. This can be a struggle for field maintainers to keep up with when it comes to taking care of natural turf. In addition, field managers are always looking for low-maintenance ways to care for turf. Before planning your next field design, here are some important sustainable benefits of synthetic turf to consider.

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An Inside Look at UL’s Performance and Reliability Testing Center

November 15, 2017

Did you ever wonder why some of your appliances last longer than others? Or, why one product performs better than its competitor? If yes, then you are in the right place as the staff at UL’s Product Engineering Services team in Newton, Iowa have been answering those questions and more since 2008.

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The Different Types of Backer Rod and Applications

November 10, 2017

When selecting a backer rod material for your specific project, it’s important to understand that there are several different types. Backer rod comes in variations for different joint sealant applications and for cold- and hot-pour sealant uses. In this blog, each of Armacell’s FillPro™ Backer Rod characteristics will be detailed, including their unique properties, benefits, and intended application.

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Closed Cell Sponge Rubber: Unique Features and Common Applications

October 12, 2017

This blog post content comes from CGR Products series called “Material of the Month.” The series spotlights Closed Cell Sponge Rubber as a unique material that CGR works with, as well as it's common applications.

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