Keeping Foam Fun

Helping children learn and develop in a physical environment while being active and safe is one of the main goals of playgrounds and playscapes. That, and of course, having fun and being social! Armacell is proud to provide foam protection products and celebrate National Playground Safety Week this April 22nd through the 26th.

Protection That Lasts

Often made of metal, plastic or wood, playground and indoor playscapes are built to withstand the weight of jumping and running children. These surfaces can be unforgiving to little bodies, so it is important that we protect and cover as many surfaces as possible to reduce potential injuries. A playground can have tough ground surfaces, low beams, jutting joists and hard poles that are easy for a child to collide with while playing. Luckily, Armacell’s foam tube and padding products can be wrapped around any hard surface or sharp edge to negate the risk of scraped knees, bumped heads, or broken bones. Armacell’s OleCell is a polyethylene foam padding with a wear resistant outer layer that is an ideal protection choice for playgrounds. Our polyethylene foam padding with co-extruded tough outer skin stands up to the most demanding applications for years of protection. Our high-quality, lightweight foam cores are designed for safety, longevity and performance.

Easy and Enjoyable Installation

Rick Walsh, owner and CEO of Playland Maintenance Services in Cumming, GA has been installing and using Armacell’s products for over 7 years to freshen up, upgrade and refurbish playland and playscape equipment to provide protection to children during play. Rick continues to use Armacell’s OleCell products due to easy-to-install products and our dedicated customer service and sales support.

“Armacell has always taken steps to meet my needs and they are open to hearing new product ideas,” Rick explained before a recent install at a national fast food chain restaurant in western North Carolina.

Safe and Secure Benefits

OleCell CE 180 has many technical benefits that support an easy indoor or outdoor installation.

  • Weather proof and UV resistant for outside installation in any weather
  • Easy to clean, mold resistant
  • Light weight, installs easily in new construction or retrofit
  • Recyclable materials

Product Applications

  • Indoor or outdoor playgrounds or playscapes
  • Protection for Batting Cages, Goal Posts, Baseball Fields and Soccer Fields
  • Amusement Parks, Ball Pits or Sport Complexes
  • Fencing, Gate or Guardrail Padding

For more information about the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS), please visit This organization helps raise awareness about S.A.F.E. and healthy play spaces for children.