Installation Quality is Essential to the Success of any Insulation Application.

The # 1 cause of insulation failure is improper installation. Armacell understands that installing elastomeric closed-cell foam, like ArmaFlex, requires a special skill set. That’s why we developed the ArmaFlexQualified Installer Program (AQIP), which provides expert instruction in the installation of elastomeric closed-cell foam.

Ensuring Confident Installation 

Application training and understanding is supported by Armacell through free AQIP training sessions. Aside from a range of general application methods, the AQIP service provides specialist application tips and tricks that can save time and money while providing an even more professional finished appearance. 

Trained by our own ArmaFlex application specialists, insulation contractors and installers all over the country have learned:  

  • Specialized techniques (via hands-on training) that ensure a successful, long-lasting installation
  • How to properly cut, glue, seam and seal elastomeric foam material
  • How to custom fabricate fitting covers that fit like a glove
  • How to use ArmaFlex approved adhesives, tapes, coatings and pipe hangers

This is a customized hands-on training program takes around two hours to complete. They are often scheduled in cooperation with a local insulation distributor and held at their facility, but can also be coordinated to do the training right on a job site if necessary.

When installers complete the program they are given a certificate of completion and ID card. Their names are added to our qualified installers’ database so that contractors and construction firms know exactly who is certified to install this product.

Working Together for Excellence 

For more information on the AQIP program, please contact us.

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