Armacell in Action

The commercial aerospace and defense industries are positioned for strong growth due to the increase in passenger travel and rise in global military expenditure. Commercial aircraft production is at its peak with about 38,000 aircraft expected to be produced globally in the next 20 years. This has created an order backlog of over 14,000 aircraft! With this growth comes the need for efficiency. Manufacturers must meet the increasing demand using advanced technologies like Armacell’s Component Foam products.

Making a Sound Investment in Noise Reduction

Closely aligned with the desire for innovation is the constant need by the sector for ongoing improvements in reducing noise and vibration while increasing comfort. Aircraft engines are responsible for most of the aircraft noise you hear during take-off and climb. Aerodynamic noise caused by airflow around the surface of the aircraft is also a culprit especially when an aircraft increases speed at low altitudes due to the air’s density. Noise levels inside an Airbus A321 have been reported as approximately 78dB - this is approximately 20 decibels louder than recommended levels for an office building!

Some of Armacell’s Monarch flexible elastomeric foam products are on Boeing approved source list for various aerospace applications. Raytheon, a U.S. defense contractor, has a material standard specification for cellular rubber sheets and strips and a few of Armacell’s Monarch products have been used. Monarch products are closed-cell, synthetic rubber materials that are used to seal out air, dust, moisture and isolate vibration.  Also, a number of Armacell ArmaSport cellular rubber products (NBR/PVC blends) have excellent resistance to flame and have been tested to the 12 second vertical burn requirements of FAR 25.853. All these factors make our closed-cell materials an ideal choice for aircraft applications such as surface seals, vibration control components, sound dampening padding and rubber stripping.

ArmaSport® AHC, APC, ALC, MC
EnsoLite® IG1, IV3, 1800
Monarch® 6231, 6931

Fun Fact (Did you know?)
A 747-400 passenger airliner has a jaw-dropping 6 million parts – your standard car has only about 30,000!

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