Armacell LLC North American Website Terms and Conditions

This site serves North America: Specifically the US, Canada and Mexico.

For all sites with US traffic:

This website collects your information for Armacell’s purposes of site administration and prospective marketing. We will not sell or otherwise transfer your information to third parties for marketing purposes, although third parties may help us administer the site and lists for our internal functions. By providing your contact data, you are opting into ongoing email newsletters and notifications, but you may opt out at any time by taking the action described on each email.

For US site only:

This website is hosted and operated in the United States for US customers, and it is operated according to US laws, including the US laws addressing data management and protection. Any information captured by this site or otherwise sent to Armacell will be stored in the US.

For visitors from Europe, South America, Asia and other regions of the world:

Please visit our corporate website www.armacell.com to access your country's website and for specific imprint/disclaimer and data protection policy that apply to your country.

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